Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer a wide array of secondary and value-added services such as:

Ultrasonic welding, installation of inserts (whether heat or ultrasonic), assembly of both molded and purchased components, pad printing and heat transfer. We strive to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions.

Value-Added Services

Mechanical Assembly

PTA has the capability to build mechanical assemblies integrating injection molded components with purchased parts providing higher value integration into your finished builds. Additional capabilities include installation of threaded inserts, sonic welding, heat staking, and pad printing. All painting, shielding, silk-screening and hydrographics are managed by PTA through qualified outside sources.

PTA employs lean principles throughout our operation up to and including configuring mobile manufacturing cells that stream line post mold processing to increase throughput and product quality. Finishing equipment is placed press side and done within the cycle of the molding machine.

Value-Added Services
Value-Added Services

Electronic Job Book

To ensure complete consistency, PTA created an electronic job book that is present at every work station. This is home to all information related to the manufacturing of a part, including set up instructions for the molding machine, water diagrams for the mold, work instructions, data collection, packaging and the quality plan. Our electronic job book is tied into PTA’s ERP system and keeps track (real time) of any engineering changes, REV levels, cycle times and scrap.

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