Award-Winnning Designs

We collaborate with our customers up front to address all areas of design, quality, cost and manufacturability before mold design begins.

PTA Plastics performs full Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review on all projects awarded. All aspects of part design, mold design, and on-going manufacturing are reviewed. The DFM also includes a review of the wall thickness, mold steel conditions, mold actions, draft angles, gate locations, cost drivers and a complete flow analysis.

Mold Flow Analysis

Smart Systems and Virtual Simulation

Our customer’s 3-D models are converted into Cimatron, a software specific to manufacturing, toolmaking, and CNC programming applications. Cimatron is used throughout the entire mold building life cycle, including CAD data management, quoting, mold design, electrode design, and CNC programming. Both the visual and animated functionality of utilizing this software are two major advantages our customers experience to understand exactly how molds function before they are even built.

Our trained engineers perform 3-D mold filling analysis on every part prior to mold design as well as throughout the quoting process. PTA has the ability to utilize virtual simulation and to manipulate scenarios and analyze the results of those scenarios to help ensure expectations are achieved, avoid costly revisions, and projects are completed on time.

Zoll Cat One
Zoll Cat One

Mold Filling Analysis

PTA Plastics utilizes Autodesk Moldflow Adviser Advanced to analyze filling, injection pressures, gate locations, molding window, packing, runner balancing, cooling, warpage, and fiber orientation. A complete warp analysis is also available upon request.

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