Meeting The Most Stringent Requirements

With over 60 years experience in plastic injection molding and structural foam molding, we know the importance of smart people and processes that ensure quality and save customers time and money.

Our unique 1-piece flow production cells eliminate costly and inefficient transferring to the warehouse. Parts can be molded and have post-molding operations and final inspection before they even leave the floor. Should any problems develop, they can be identified immediately and corrected. Thinking through process and production is PTA Plastics’ way of saving time and money for our customers.

Inspecting Injection Molding Parts

Production Around the Clock

PTA Plastics has 34 molding presses that range from 30 ton to 610 ton capacity. Most are equipped with robotics to remove parts automatically and can be operated around the clock. Production monitors are visibly seen around the shop floor to ensure all molding machines are running to cycle and within allowable scrap ranges.

Electronic Job Book

Each injection mold run has its own unique job book record containing production history, quality plan, mold set-up and processing details. Work instructions are also available electronically to ensure the job is performed consistently every time. This is just one way that we ensure the consistent production of plastic parts that will meet the most stringent quality requirements.

We have worked with almost every plastic resin in the industry. Applications using engineering resins such as polycarbonate, nylon, ABS, PC/ABS blends, polyester, acetal and reinforced grades are our specialty - with an emphasis on engineering grades, filled and high heat materials, and some containing in excess of 60% glass or other filler.

Plastic Resin
Injection Molding Dri Air Station

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