Serialized Automation Case Study - PTA Plastics

Serialized Automation

In support of our strategic customers in the Sporting Industry requiring product serialization of Plastic Injection Molded Components, PTA Plastics is proud to announce that we have developed and implemented a secure and automated work cell to maintain full control and accountability of all serialized components.

The creation of this secure work cell allows PTA Plastics to precisely load the serial plate into location, perform any gate clipping or machining operations, load and unload the part onto a cooling fixture (when required), create a record in our electronic bound book, and present the final part to one of our skilled operators for final inspection and packaging.

The automated cell, which is self-contained and security monitored, utilizes a tiebar- less injection molding machine. The tie-bar-less machine allows more freedom for complex and innovative mold designs (larger molds), as well as unobstructed robot movements in and out of the molding machine since there are no tie bars in the way. The molding machine is complemented by a 6-Axis StaĆ¼bli industrial robot, Cognex cameras and Zebra scanners to read and scan serial plates before they are automatically logged into our electronic bound book.

Dedicated work stations and fixturing remain in place and provide the flexibility to handle a multitude of molding and post molding operations for different pistol frame and receiver applications. This leads to reduced set-up time between runs and allows for better control of the work cell for any minor change that need to be made as the product mix changes.

PTA believes we have invested in the right combination of molding machines and automation to create a repeatable cycle every time while being able to closely monitor production variables. Contact PTA Plastics to learn how this investment in technology can benefit your next project!