Innovative, Precise Products

PTA Plastics has a breadth of services and industry experience to listen, balance and collaborate toward creating innovative, precise products that meet the most demanding requirements of customers in the safety and security space.

Having been involved with so many products related to the safety and well-being of others, PTA Plastics understands the support our customers demand throughout the product lifecycle, including suggestions on materials to withstand stringent applications, water ingress and ruggedness concerns.

We are proud to support new products and platforms that include, but are not limited to:

- X-Ray detection devices geared at reducing the entry of illegal substances into the United States
- Robotic platforms that help keep our First Responders safe by assessing a situation from afar
- Rugged, handheld chemical detection analyzers and separators that identify harmful substances
- GPS based security devices to detect theft and recovery based on GPS coordinates
- Repository and protective equipment to help keep our firefighters safe
- State-of-the-art building entry system sensitive customer data and articles from unauthorized access by foreign persons.

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