PTA offers full process validation following an IQ, OQ, PQ protocol.

As many different solutions as there are customers.

Beginning with early customer communication and a formal print review, the dimensions, CTF/CTQs and the proposed datum structures are determined. Once an IQ report is drafted and the PFMEA, control plan and process flow are in place, our customers receive a formal process characterization report that highlights all of the scientific methods used to determine the nominal process, as well as the parameters used to challenge the process (DOE).

Once the process is established, a 3-piece FAIR of all print dimensions and a 30-piece capability study for all pre-determined CTF’s and CTQ’s is provided and reviewed with our customers. Mold changes or print adjustments are made and requalified prior to proceeding into the OQ run, where another capability study and FAIR are provided to validate any changes. Upon being released to production, a final capability study is performed during the PQ run. Our complete validation protocol is fully customizable to fit our customers needs and their requirements.