The key to a successful product is getting the mold right, the first time.

Between our two facilities, we have over 30 moldmakers with an average of 20 years experience.

PTA is well known for producing highly cosmetic and complicated molded parts and it all begins with mold design. Utilizing Cimatron and a staff of in-house mold designers, PTA performs all mold designs in 3-D format. Because Cimatron is a catalogue based software, all common components can be quickly accessed allowing for an efficient mold design from start to finish.

Approximately 200 molds are built by PTA Plastics each year.

Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC and EDM technologies with fully equipped mold shops in both CT and CO, PTA builds approximately 200 molds per year and has the ability to tackle all projects both large and small.

Our trained engineers perform 3-D mold filling analysis on every part prior to mold design as well as throughout the quoting process. PTA has the ability to utilize virtual simulation and to manipulate scenarios and analyze the results of those scenarios to help ensure expectations are achieved, avoid costly revisions, and projects are completed on time. PTA utilizes Autodesk Moldflow Adviser Advanced to analyze filling, injection pressures, gate locations, molding window, packing, runner balancing, cooling, warpage, and fiber orientation. A complete warp analysis is also available upon request.

Molds are constructed with a combination of pre-hard steel and hardened steel with common materials such as P-20, S-7, H-13 and 420SS. PTA has single cavity, multi-cavity and family mold options to satisfy all customer requirements. We choose a unique tool build approach focusing on the finite part which allows us to split the mold build process increasing the shop capacity and reducing lead times.

We believe in a tool build approach that is specifically unique to each customer. We understand and work with our customers through DFM to offer a solution that fits our customer needs, rather than forcing our customers into a typical standard. PTA offers mold warranties to fit any project requirement, and a paperless environment with immediate Engineering Change Notice (ECN) control. In addition, PTA utilizes a variety of coating and plating options to increase mold longevity when using highly abrasive materials.