Start To Finish Solutions

With maximum precision, minimized cost and streamlined results.

For medical device manufacturers large and small, PTA Plastics specializes in Upfront Design for Manufacturability (DFM) decreasing time to market and avoiding tooling revisions. Our customized molds allow for absolute precision to form a product that’s made specifically for you, while our deep understanding of engineering plastic properties provide educated material suggestions to avoid project difficulties later on.

We take pride in our strong knowledge of material and aesthetic standards to help ensure your only shot at submission is a success by providing quality T-1 parts that save time and money by eliminating up-front complications. PTA Plastics is ISO 9001:2015 registered, ISO 13485:2016 registered; and familiar with WEEE, ROHS, REACH and support 510K and PMA.

Our solution is simple: taking time up front to ask the right questions and uncover unanticipated challenges to ensure a smoother, more reliable finish. We offer insight and, perhaps more importantly, foresight to avoid problems and guide you to success. The proof is seen in the very first parts we mold. Our T-1 parts have been described as having manufactured-quality precision. PTA Plastics is proud to work with more than 300 medical device manufacturers and product design firms throughout the country.

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