CNC Machinist - PTA Plastics

CNC Machinist 

Essential Duties/Responsibilities
  • · All NC is performed accurately, efficiently and on schedule.

    · A complete working knowledge of all NC equipment is displayed.

    · All technical aspects of running the equipment (i.e. feeds and speeds, cutter technology, coolants, etc.) have been acquired.

    · Machines and equipment are kept clean and in good working condition.

    · Mold Maker support is given when the NC area is slow, i.e., polishing, EDM, squaring blocks, etc.

    · Conflicts in priorities or with available equipment are discussed with the Tooling Manager/Supervisor.

    · All questions regarding the job are directed to the Mold Maker or the Tooling Manager/Supervisor.

    · Adequate time is spent with the Tooling Supervisor and Mold Maker discussing problem areas, equipment utilization and job planning.

Operational Duties/Responsibilities
  • · The Tooling Manager/Supervisor is informed of all changes in approach, problems or mistakes in a timely manner.

    · All information given to others on the job is documented in a clear easy-to-understand fashion.

    · Positive and negative feedback to others working on the job is handled in an appropriate manner.

    · All communications are handled in a manner that will promote teamwork on the job.

    · An understanding of PTA System Procedures involving Tooling related SP’s 

Job Qualifications
  • · Must display an understanding of the mold making process

    · High School Degree or equivalent

    · Minimum of 3 years experience in mold building

    · An awareness of the molding process, materials and their relationship to the mold making process is a plus.

    · Must have a basic understanding of CAD and programming software used at PTA, manual milling, CNC and EDM.

Apply Now

If you meet the position requirements and are an accountable, customer-focused individual, please send your resume and salary requirements to:

Mail: PTA Plastics | 148 Christian Street | Oxford, CT | 06478

PTA Plastics is a Drug Free Workplace and Equal Opportunity E-Verify Employer.