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Joe Parker is currently the Manufacturing Manager in our Connecticut plant and supports all of the manufacturing personnel to produce cosmetically demanding components and assemblies. Read more  about Joe and his important role at PTA Plastics!

“As the Manufacturing Manager, what are your daily responsibilities?"

My daily responsibilities are primarily supporting the manufacturing personnel in their efforts to produce cosmetically demanding components and assemblies. This includes helping to make sure we get better as an organization at executing on these efforts.

"You were previously an Engineering Manager. What were your daily responsibilities in that role?"

My daily responsibilities as the Engineering Manager was working with the Engineering Team to support customer demands and helping to drive improvements in manufacturing.

"What are some of the goals you have being a Manufacturing Manager?"

My goals include:
Enabling the Manufacturing Team to execute on sales.
Determine opportunities for support functions to improve our ability to execute.
Helping to work with manufacturing personnel to get better and growing into new roles.

"What are some of the challenges and plans that you currently have in your position at PTA?"

Plastics inherently have variation in the form of rheology differences. Managing this means that each day can present new and exciting challenges. Maintaining the manufacturing personnel head count is also a challenge. Our goal is to grow talent internally to meet this challenge.

"What are some of your favorite parts about working at PTA Plastics and why?"

My favorite part about working at PTA is the support the floor gets from management. We listen to our people and act on feedback. I’m also excited about the home grown approach to automation. Automation is as much apart of our foundation as molding is.

"What impact does your role have internally?"

I have probably the best opportunity to make a positive impact on our team as anyone in this organization. I have the opportunity to make our manufacturing process more robust while making employees satisfied with a good days work.

"What impact does your role have on our customers?"

Generally, customers want parts on time, at a competitive price that meet the quality requirement. My team has direct impact on if it’s on time and if it meets the quality requirement. So my role allows me to have great influence on customer satisfaction.

"Can you tell us some facts about yourself?"

Hometown? Irmo, SC

Favorite Book? My favorite recent book is Empire of the Summer Moon

Favorite Movie? Tie between Star Wars A New Hope and Caddyshack

Favorite Sports Team?Pittsburgh Steelers and Clemson Tigers

Favorite Vacation Spot? Positano, Italy (Honeymoon)

Favorite Hobby? I have lots of hobbies. In the winter, I love snowboarding. I love to hike and be outside year round. One of my favorite hobbies is cooking chocolate chip pancakes every Saturday for my boys, Owen and Ben.

Favorite Food? Buffalo Wings (Bar Food), Steak (Restaurant)

What do you like to do on the weekends? Exercise, chores, and spend time with my family.

Anything else that you’d like to share? I bleed orange (Go Tigers!!) and my favorite band is the Grateful Dead. 

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