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Bob Berg has been with PTA Plastics for a total of 26 years. Previously, he was a Business Applications Manager and then became the IT Director. In February 2023, Bob was promoted to General Manager at our facility located in Longmont, Colorado.

“When you were an IT Director, what were your daily responsibilities?"

When I was the IT Director, I made sure all IT systems were running properly and to keep PTA's data and systems safe. I also maintained and extended our ERP system and developed custom programs and enhancements to improve and lean out all aspects of the business. This also entailed custom report development applicable to how PTA does business in order to support management business decisions. I was also an advisor to end-users by providing support on the ERP/System usage and provided internal process guidance. From a technology perspective, I was responsible for keeping PTA ahead of the curve and far above and beyond our competition.

"You became the General Manager at our Colorado facility in February 2023. What are your daily responsibilities in this role?"

First and foremost, employee safety. I have a great management team that I trust which takes a lot of pressure off. On a day-to-day basis, I keep a very close eye on everything that drives our P&L and try to address any potential issues before they become an actual issue. Having spent so many years in IT developing management tools, I now get a chance to take advantage of my previous work. I also spend a large amount of time on the production floor in both Tooling and Molding to keep a pulse of what is going on and to remove any hurdles in order to make life easier for our Employee-Owners. I'm also closely involved with our customers and continue to try and help make their interactions with PTA Plastics run smoothly and easily.

"What are some of the goals you have being a General Manager?"

Creating an environment where employees feel proud of what we do and enjoy coming to work and have fun doing it. Another goal is keeping our employees safe and making sure that I keep PTA financially sound and on the path of growth. I also want to create a positive reputation and create long lasting customer relations. In addition, I'd like our employees to feel empowered to make change at the same time while feeling comfortable if mistakes are made - leading to growth and to become better at what we do. I'm very competitive and hope this trait helps drive PTA to become a world class manufacturer that we all continue to feel proud showcasing.

"What are some of your favorite parts about working at PTA Plastics and why?"

The people! We have a great team. I spend just as much time with the people I work with as I do with my own family (as do most of us). Having a great team who support PTA, and myself, is something I just can't put into words. I have been so fortunate to have excellent mentors and managers over the years: Ray Seeley Jr., Rich Dorans, and Mike Rocheleau. These individuals have given me the freedom to learn, make mistakes, and gave me the guidance and support where I needed it. They believed in me and helped me become a better person. I now have been given the opportunity to pass this on and mentor those around me - which is one of the most rewarding aspects of this job.

The customers! Being there for our customers to help solve their problems is also a very satisfying part of this job. At the same time, the interactions I have with our customers has helped me better understand industry trends and practices. All of this will absolutely translate into a better PTA.

The variety! I'm not the kind of person that likes very repetitive tasks, nor am I very good at it. If I need to do something more than 3 times, I want to automate it! Every day there are new challenges and experiences which is very refreshing but can also be stressful at times.

"What impact does your role have internally?"

With the number of years I've had with PTA, I have learned a lot about all aspects of the business. I use this experience to help employees explain things and give guidance/advice. Another sobering aspect of this role is not only the business success, but the Employee-Owners and their families and loved ones. What I do can particularly have an impact on much more than meets the eye and I take this very seriously. I have an obligation to not only PTA as a business, but to all employees, their families, and our customers, to make decisions that are in the best interest for all.

"What impact does your role have on our customers?"

Decisions made internally can have a big impact on delivery performance and quality. Just as important is open communication and the partnerships that I, along with the rest of the PTA team, help foster. To be honest, I think it's important that we are here today to support our customers but doing all of the right things in place to support our customers tomorrow. Everything we do for our customers, particularly to save lives, is a big deal!

"Tell us something that people may not know about you."

I like classic heavy metal, country, and gothic metal. I don't like to follow, "best practices" - instead, I like to create them! I love the beach, space, rockets, and all things high-tech. I also think fireworks are great! I really enjoy the works of Nikola Tesla and all things high-voltage. I think 4th of July and Christmas are the best holidays. Family, friends, and the little things in life are what is important to me.

"Can you tell us some facts about yourself?"

Hometown? Milford, Connecticut

Favorite Book? To be honest, I'm not a big book person. I tend to read a lot of technical articles and publications. I'm a true engineer at heart.

Favorite Movie? Platoon

Favorite Sports Team? I don't really follow team sports. I'm more into individual/extreme sports such as ski racing, drag racing, etc.

Favorite Vacation Spot? Barking Sands Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Favorite Hobby? I have way too many! I like to do metal working, machining, and 3D printing. I like to tinker/build while fixing and modifying things along with electronics and micro controller development. I also like recreational shooting and archery.

Favorite Food? Beer

What do you like to do on the weekends? Mountain bike, snow ski, camp, tinker in the basement, hang out at the beach, and just being outside!

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