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Supporting your device, community, design efforts, and injection molding needs, all in one convenient desktop component!

A better customer experience.

PTA Plastics created 4Support as a design aid while bringing our organization closer to our customers by understanding their needs and delivery requirements for efficiency and successful collaboration towards a better customer experience.

Multiple Uses

Support For Plastic Part Design Best Practices and Charity

This 4Support component is coupled with a green initiative and support for non-profit plastic industry organizations via a charitable donation paid for by PTA Plastics on behalf of this product’s end-user. This product also illustrates common plastic part design best practices into a useful component.

PTA Plastics created 4Support to build the competency around product design and to provide an outlet for creativity for our Employee-Owners while similarly recycling plastic waste towards a functional design aid that provides a multitude of uses.

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A Design Aid With Multiple Purposes

The entire concept was mapped out starting with the early origination processes all the way to packaging and shipping the product.

Product Design Process

The ability for PTA Plastics to understand the product design process from a customer's perspective and to build comptenecy around product design.

Injection Molding Design Aid

4Support is an injection molding design aid that contains specific features on what to do and what NOT to do when designing your product.

Desktop Component

4Support is a convenient desktop component that can support your tablet, phone or other device .

Community and Charity Support

Have a 4Support device? Register now to select a non-profit plastic industry organization that PTA Plastics will donate to on behalf of you!

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How does 4Support work?

Need to learn more or better understand the features of 4Support? Download our 4Support Guide to read all about the product overview.

Download 4Support Guide

4Support Guide

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