Start-to-finish solutions that don’t miss a beat.

For over 60 years, PTA Plastics has delivered some of the most complex and challenging engineering and tooling solutions for the medical device industry, with maximum precision, minimized cost and streamlined results. For medical device manufacturers large and small, PTA Plastics specializes in:

  • Upfront Design for Manufacturability (DFM) decreasing time to market and avoiding expensive tooling revisions
  • Customized molds for absolute precision from a product that’s made specifically for you
  • Deep understanding of engineering plastic properties for educated material suggestions that could avoid difficulties later on
  • Strong knowledge about material and aesthetic standards to help ensure your only shot at submission is a success
  • ISO 9001:2008 registered, ISO 13485:2003 registered, and familiar with: WEE, ROHS, REACH, and 510K
  • Quality T-1 parts that save time and money by eliminating up front complications

  • When product perfection is the only option, every piece counts.

    With a deep understanding of the medical device industry, our experienced team gets involved at the early stages of design and materials selection, offering insight and, perhaps more importantly, foresight to avoid problems and guide you to success. Our solution is simple: taking time up front to ask the right questions and uncover unanticipated challenges to ensure a smoother, more reliable finish. The proof is seen in the very first parts we mold. Our T-1 parts have been described as having manufactured-quality precision.

    PTA Plastics is proud to work with more than 300 medical device manufacturers and product design firms throughout the country.

    Sporting Industry

    PTA Plastics has extensive experience tooling and molding highly complex parts for the sporting industry. Our focus is early collaboration with manufactures and designers with a heavy emphasis on DFM reviews, materials support and MoldFlow Warp analysis. Optimizing part design, gate locations, knit line locations, fiber orientation and insuring the right material is being evaluated for each application is critical to success.

    PTA is ITAR registered with the State Department, and maintains a class 7 FFL license though BATFE. PTA has developed a fully automated receiver molding cell incorporating six axis robotics and a fully integrated electronic bound book. PTA works closely with resin suppliers on new cutting-edge materials, and has a vast depth of experience molding highly engineered resins for demanding applications requiring high toughness, chemical resistance and high cosmetic requirements. Many of these resins have both short and long, glass and carbon fiber fillers. PTA has been a leader in over-molding for almost three decades. PTA has expertise over-molding buttstock grips, pistol grips, forend grips and recoil pads using materials that chemically bond to nylon and polypropylene substrates.


    Our Nation’s security requirements demand exceptional military defense products — fast, right and on-time.

    When the mission is critical and time can mean the difference, the team you choose to design, mold and build your plastic military products and components is the tipping point to success. PTA Plastics is start to finish.

    We began molding for the defense industry in the early 60’s. Since then we have partnered with industry leaders on projects ranging from rugged, hi-tech weapons and soldier support systems for combat, to sophisticated, highly sensitive satellite and night vision assemblies. Rapid prototyping, innovative molding solutions and a seamless production process are good news for today’s demanding defense industry, where budgets and schedules are under constant pressure.

    Rapid Prototyping

    The prototyping stage is a crucial step in ensuring both the viability and manufacturability of a component. At PTA, we draw on our long history of both prototype development and production tooling to ensure that our clients’ prototypes accurately represent the final product. We approach the prototype molding phase with an eye on production. This forward-looking approach alleviates the (sometimes) compromising handoff between prototype and production. PTA provides you the confidence that your project will be done fast, right and on-time.

    Speed to Market

    The increasingly dynamic environment in which our Defense clients live is characterized by rapid change, evolving design challenges and condensed deadlines. At PTA, we understand these challenges and partner with our clients to provide innovative injection molding solutions, an agile tool making process and a highly adaptable molding and assembly operation. During every step of a project our goal is to provide high quality parts in the shortest amount of time possible.

    Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP)

    In today’s military applications, reducing a system’s size and weight while maintaining or exceeding power is critical. It’s all about making it smaller, stronger, lighter and more powerful. Material selection is often the difference in overcoming restrictive SWAP constraints. From metal to plastic conversion to molding high performance grade resins into rugged small to large form-factor components, PTA has the expertise to meet our client’s rigorous engineering specifications.

    PTA Plastics is ITAR-registered and has clearance to work in conjunction with the U.S. military and its counterparts*.

    *PTA Plastics is registered with the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The ITAR controls articles that are designed specifically for military application, as well as related technical data, and prohibits access to such articles or technical data by foreign persons without a license or license exemption. By registering under the ITAR, PTA Plastics is authorized to work in conjunction with the U.S. military and its counterparts. PTA Plastics’ registration also expresses its commitment to abiding by the ITAR in all respects, including by protecting sensitive customer data and articles from unauthorized access by foreign persons.

    Safety and Security

    PTA Plastics has a breadth of services and industry experience to listen, balance and collaborate toward creating innovative, precise products that meet the most demanding requirements of customers in the safety and security space. Having been involved with so many products related to the safety and well-being of others, PTA Plastics understands the support our customers demand throughout the product lifecycle, including suggestions on materials to withstand stringent applications, water ingress and ruggedness concerns.

    PTA Plastics is proud to support new products and platforms.

    PTA Plastics is proud to support new products and platforms that include, but are not limited to:

  • X-Ray detection devices geared at reducing the entry of illegal substances into the United States
  • Robotic platforms that help keep our First Responders safe by assessing a situation from afar
  • Rugged, handheld chemical detection analyzers and separators that identify harmful substances
  • GPS based security devices to detect theft and recovery based on GPS coordinates
  • Repository and protective equipment to help keep our firefighters safe
  • State-of-the-art building entry systems

  • Technology

    Technology equals innovation! Over the course of our history, PTA Plastics has continuously pushed the envelope in more ways than one. We pride ourselves in being involved with some of the world’s largest OEM’s - Apple, Compaq, HP, and Dell during the inception of the personal computing era. PTA has also been involved with products related to the Macintosh computer, Compaq LTE 386s, 386, and the Dell Optiplex - which paved the way for future growth in this market segment. PTA Plastics is proud to support new products and platforms that include, but are not limited to:

  • Wireless communication solutions for football coaches
  • Robotics
  • Self-service kiosks
  • High speed computing
  • Smart card readers
  • Inventory and cash management
  • Telecommunications devices

  • PTA Plastics adds value throughout the plastic product life cycle, from initial design for manufacturability (DFM) all the way through final production. We understand that each project offers new challenges that demand unique solutions. Our customers have come to depend on us to get it done right, on-time, and on budget.