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Mold Maker

General Purpose

To assume responsibility for the fabrication, quality and on time delivery of all assigned tooling. Coordinates jobs with the NC and EDM.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities
  • · All new tooling is produced on time and efficiently while maintaining high quality standards.

    · A thorough acquired expertise in all the skills, techniques, and technologies required to perform this job.

    · The responsibility for coordinating new tooling with other departments (i.e., CNC, design and EDM).

    · Assume the responsibility for problem solving and directing all peers to come to a common goal.

    · Works with the Tooling/Supervisor and mold designer at the beginning of all programs to determine the overall game plan and methodology of tool build when required

    · All molds are reviewed with the Tooling/Supervisor upon their completion to discuss how the job went, what worked well, and what could be done differently the next time.

Other Duties/Responsibilities
  • · The Tooling Manager/Supervisor are informed of all changes in approach, problems or mistakes in a timely manner.

    · All information given to others on the job is documented in a clear easy-to-understand fashion.

    · Positive and negative feedback to others working on the job is handled in an appropriate manner.

    · All communications are handled in a manner that will promote teamwork on the job.

    · Study engineering and technical publications to keep abreast of technological changes and advancements.

    · Develop and maintain an attitude which promotes teamwork on the job.

    · Devote enough time is spent learning CAD software so that it can be used as an electronic blueprint. Planning work with Tooling Manager/Supervisor.

    · Working with specialty departments to get their input and help on the job.

    · Ensure all deliveries are met.

    · Take care of all miscellaneous details on the job or get support help with them through the Tooling Manage/Supervisor.

    · Work with Tooling Management daily to make sure their jobs do not sit in specialty departments and all schedules are met.

    · Understand PTA System Procedures involving Tooling related SP’s 

Supervisory Duties
  • · Gives directions to peers on tooling programs.

Job Qualifications
  • · Must display a complete understanding/proficiency of all aspects of the mold making process

    · High School Diploma or equivalent

    · Minimum of five years experience in mold building

    · Understand the molding process, materials and their relationship to the mold making process

    · Must be proficient with CAD, NC programming, manual milling, grinding, turning, CNC and EDM

    · Adequate vision and coordination to perform meticulous detailed work

    · Work unsupervised or in team setting

    · Motivated/self-starter

    · Lift up to 75 pounds

    · Able to stand for extended periods of time

    · Work on computer for extended periods of time

    · Bridgeport, lathe and surface grinder experience a plus

Apply Now

If you meet the position requirements and are an accountable, customer-focused individual, please send your resume and salary requirements to:

Mail: PTA Plastics | 148 Christian Street | Oxford, CT | 06478

PTA Plastics is a Drug Free Workplace and Equal Opportunity E-Verify Employer.