The key to a successful product is getting the mold right, the first time.

Between our two facilities, we have over thirty Moldmakers with an average of 20 years of experience committed to moldmaking.

With its wide range of capability, PTA Plastics can tailor the mold build process to our customers product needs. Our goal is to provide a mold that is never under or over built, thus providing the ultimate in value. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Connecticut and Colorado operate around the clock, allowing us to complete molds in two to eight weeks. Fast turnaround means your product gets to the market quicker.

We understand that your products success lies in getting the mold right, the first time. Our moldmakers work directly from 3D CAD data ensuring precise data sharing and immediate engineering change notice (ECN) control. Changes resulting from concurrent engineering can be incorporated quickly since working from databases eliminates the time consuming task of creating tool design drawings.

Not just custom parts, customized solutions, too.

PTA understands our customers’ needs and knows firsthand that no two customers are the same. Every company has a unique set of needs that can’t always be satisfied with a standard solution.  That’s why at PTA, we guarantee:

  • A customized tool build approach that will meet or exceed your project requirements. We take the time to tailor the process to your job, eliminating the waste of time and money building extra, unneeded molds.
  • Maintenance-free molds throughout the life of the project.
  • Compliance with standards set by the Society of Plastics Industry (SPI).

Passion. Intelligence. Innovation.

PTA Plastics’ superior level of engineering expertise and technology enables us to program even the most intricate cutter paths from surface geometry for molds that are production ready right from the very start. Our moldmakers are trained to program CNC machines using Cimatron, which reduces the time between design and moldmaking. Dedicated high-end software, allows our moldmakers to import product data as solids that can then be quickly manipulated and incorporated into tool design. Equally important, our concurrent change capabilities let us keep your project on schedule.

Externally developed software is supplemented with our internal proprietary computer systems to develop programs that are application specific. Having multiple facilities means that we can easily manage larger multi-mold projects. High-speed CNC machining centers, along with state-of-the-art electronic discharge machining (EDM) centers, are used to create the most precise molds. PTA Plastics and our project managers are dedicated to coordinating programs with multiple parts, simplifying communications, and minimizing risk.

Product Prototyping: Fast. Right. On Time.

PTA Plastics offers our customers Quick Turn Prototype Tooling, which provides injection molded plastic parts for product validation testing and market testing. We are able to quote tools within 24-36 hours of receiving data files with lead times as fast as from 5 to 15 business days depending on the complexity of part geometry and availability of raw materials.

To achieve a smooth, fault-free product execution, we engage with our customers from the very beginning. This allows us to manage project expectations and understand as much detail about the parts functionality as possible, resulting in a customized solution. Our Colorado and Connecticut facilities are equipped in-house with a large selection of engineered resins to test part integrity. As an added benefit, PTA Plastics offers a complete array of SPI surface finishes, giving us the ability to provide you with textured parts for true product representation. If required, PTA Plastics can incorporate mechanical actions or take advantage of EDM during the mold build process. Additionally PTA Plastics offers a full array of value added operations such as insertion, part decoration and mechanical assembly. All Quick Turn Prototype Tools come complete with a first article inspection report.