Leadership for design and quality throughout the life of a project.

We excel in the production of complex surfaces and have played an integral role in the success of numerous award-winning designs.

Our talented staff has extensive knowledge about plastics and their applications. Providing direct support for design and quality, we can rapidly define a 3D mold concept that takes into consideration manufacturability, moldflow, mold cooling and efficient removal of the plastic part from the mold.

Very often we collaborate with a client and their design firm at the initiation of a project to pinpoint opportunities to improve quality, performance and cost before proceeding to design and build. Critical components, dimension and details – including draft, textures, parting lines, surfaces, cooling and tolerances – are scrutinized and identified early. This same individualized approach extends to the people assigned to your project. Because no two programs are ever identical, teams are handpicked to work on projects from start to finish.

Smart people, smart systems.

Clients can directly transfer their CAD files to PTA Plastics; our design staff is proficient in several software programs including ProENGINEER, Solidworks, and Cimatron. To make it easier, customers can forward native files and we will complete any needed conversion via file exchange formats such as IGES, STEP and Parasolids. All of our design work is done electronically through a 24-hour system with secure, off-site storage backup. Because PTA Plastics invests in specialized information technology support, you can be assured that the right solution will be available for your job.

We clearly understand the applications and are able to suggest improvements in tooling, molding and materials that can save you time and money. Moreover, all of our quotes reflect the total cost of your project; there are no hidden costs or fees.

Distinguished solutions in Plastics Engineering.

PTA Plastics uses a variety of Moldflow™ analyses early in the project cycle, including Plastics Advisor™, which provides a quick assessment of a part’s ability to be filled based on specific material grade and gate locations. Parts with fill issues or inconclusive data output may undergo more advanced analysis that takes into account additional variables for more comprehensive results. This is just one more way that we are dedicated to producing superior quality plastic parts.