Engineering, tooling, molding and assembly for sophisticated applications.

Using industry experience, innovative processes and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver precisely engineered, custom molded parts.

At PTA Plastics, we collaborate with our customers to address all areas of design, quality, cost and manufacturability, moving from conceptualization to completion faster and more cost effectively than any other plastic injection molder. Our customers demand the highest standards in their products and business. They depend on PTA Plastics to add value throughout the plastic product lifecycle.

What’s more, PTA runs on an almost entirely paperless system. We’ve custom-built an Electronic Job book program, which allows our employees instant access to any and all information regarding a manufacturing job. Not only does this streamline the process, but it ensures that consistency and process are maintained throughout the lifecycle of a job.

  • Every machine has its own workstation and computer terminal, making it easy for operators to review and access information on current and upcoming jobs.
  • Project entries maintain a detailed bill of materials, including raw material needs and the mold number, ensuring material waste is kept down and efficiency is kept up.
  • Each job is entered in with a custom quality plan, which highlights any critical dimensions, cosmetic requirements, and special instructions specific to your project.
  • Real-time data collection guarantees your job is being run fast, right and on-time.
  • Job Book is tied directly to our ERP system, storing all data in one safe, secure place.