ZOLL R Series® Defibrillators

Production speed, function and accuracy.


The creation of a product essential to emergency treatment

Over the years, PTA Plastics has partnered with ZOLL Medical Corporation on several critical programs. On one of ZOLL’s more recent products, PTA was asked to take part during the development stage of the R Series® Defibrillator

This ZOLL defibrillator is essential to the emergency treatment of cardiac arrest victims inside the hospital. Typically placed on a “crash cart” within a hospital, the R Series® is an advanced defibrillator that can be used wherever the need arises.

Precision engineering through inspired ideas.

  • Early on in the development stage, PTA consulted with ZOLL on design, tooling, molding, and quality performance. This early involvement allowed the team to understand and address manufacturing issues before they arose.
  • Mold fill analysis yielded fill information and gating direction for the complicated housing.
  • SolidWorks™ databases enabled the tooling operations to build sixteen molds within 9 weeks for the main housings and paddles.
  • Maximum rigidity and impact performance was achieved by molding parts out of GE Cycoloy C-2800 PC/ABS.
  • Our manufacturing operations integrated thermal, ultrasonic, and mechanical assembly. For example, end caps incorporated molded-in pins and over molding of Dow Pelathane to provide additional durability.

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