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Unlike our competition, PTA provides custom plastic injection molding solutions based on your needs - no one else's.

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Plastic Injection Molding Done Right.

We provide customized plastic injection molding solutions for some of the largest, most innovative companies in the world. Our upfront engineering process ensures we do things right, the first time. We guarantee your product idea will be taken step-by-step through the our plastic injection molding process, from CAD design through production and assembly. The result: quality molds and molded plastic parts that exceed expectations.

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We Give PTA the Hard Stuff

The evolution in plastics technology has revolutionized the firearms industry over the last fifty years, with lighter ...

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ZOLL Defibrillator

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PTA Plastics has some really good engineers. They’ve got some guys that have a great deal of experience in engineering. A lot of years of experience. Very, very good. Their level of support is fantastic.

Roger Smith
Customs SR Commodity Specialist – Americas

They took the time to do a full part analysis for us. They brought a full room of experts into the room with our engineering team and myself, and they presented very impressive information and they were also able to give us lots of very useful changes to the part that would help us fix our overall solution, not just the plastic parts. So their team was just better, I'll have to say, than the other teams we looked at.

James Fox
Purchasing Manager

One of the big things for us as a company in going forward, and why we've continued to work with PTA on new projects, is what I call early involvement. So the engineering group had developed relationships with our instrument R&D group. And by having those relationships, there was a trust relationship. And Greg actually sat on some of the project meetings and provided what I call ""value service"" by, number one, is his making suggestions as to part design to accomplish both less complexity in the molds, as well as making sure that the guys designed around plastic's design criteria, recognizing things like shrink. And then we also have some connections and work collaboratively with some of the resin suppliers to try and select the right resin. So he basically was an integral part of the team. So it's the DFM. It's the design to mold and design to assemble was a big contributor.

Bob Chapman
Procurement Manager

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